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Default 04-08-2020, 14:13

Originally Posted by Xtrem3 View Post
You are one crazy and braindamaged kid. Yes im GM Krank and PaBHoBeCuE. So what ? When i play whit PaBHoBeCuE, im just a normal player. When im on whit GM Krank, i`ve aways followed and obey the rules! I woud never and will NEVER use my GM Powers to be someone over all other normal players... + Why are you saying that im aggresive againts only non-bg ? you are really stupid Borel. Ask FightCrew, Fenomenka, ihroN and almost the whole server that stopped playing, was i aggresive only at non-bg. I woud give you an advice and i hope you listen to it. START BEING A HUMAN ! You kids only search for the litte things to blame other people. I cant say thats sad, because its much more complicated.

P.S-For the Post insult. What the FK do you care ? i can do what ever i want whit my PERSONAL ACC. Yes i know its not cool to see that the GM while using his PERSONAL ACC is like that, but you kids are driving me crazy!
lol, you are like a mad dog. Anyway, enjoy ur ban!

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