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Unhappy /vault comand bug - 26-11-2019, 02:15

Hello friends, a week ago I had a problem on the server, I changed very often and repeatedly from vault (comando /vault), I had lost an item so I had to check from vault 1 to 10, change repeatedly and then I realized that when I returned to the vault 6 and change to vault 7, one of these vaules had been cloned, replacing the other, I took an item from one of those vaules and the system detected me as an item dup, so I had to go to the administration to help me , the administrator never answered me, then I spoke to the Game Master Anihilate and he gave me the solution by deleting the vault 7 that had been cloned by the vault 6, I could continue playing a couple of days, but then on Friday I went to noria Map to create wings, and after changing vault again looking for items jewels and feathers the same misfortune occurred to me, but this time much worse, I was cloned vault 2 for vault 3, which was where I kept my most valuable items, my legendary set +13 rate ref, my set bone +13 ref dd, a pair of shields, another pair of rings and a pendant,I lost most of my things, especially my most precious items like the set leg, then my account was blocked again and to this day no one has answered or helped me, only gm anahilate replied that I would review my case but it still does not, I have not played for several days and they will probably leave me banned forever by an error of the same game (files bug ), please request by this means that someone answer me or refund the credits invested in the game, thanks

Ps.I sincerely hope it doesn't happen to anyone else
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Default 02-12-2019, 23:36

As you can see by yourself mate there were many automatic bans (like me okoune1) that they didnt even know what's going on at the time they got banned.

I am on of them.I don't even know if i duplicate an item like that with the /vault command.
3 hours later and i am still banned.At least now i know the reason.I mean i am still guessing.Just have a better guess right now.
Thank you for informing us,as a player.If it's not fixed until tomorrow,and by fix i mean everyone not only me, i am done with this server(no offence to anyone).

My opinion to that kind of solutions is that you take away all thoose automatical "machine bans" and let the players know the rules and be aware of them.
Exp. Last night ban of "Gunter" cause of me.(Closing BC6 too early,and he didnt got the automatic ban)

They system has some serious problems.
A HUGE thanx again mate and good luck us!
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Default 04-12-2019, 18:10

здравей, може ли някой да ми помогне, моля, минаха две седмици, откакто загубих повечето си неща, някой може да провери регистрационните файлове на сървъра (gamserverlogs), да потвърди информацията и да върне наборите, които загубих в грешка в играта


hello, can anyone help me? It's been two weeks since I lost most of my stuff, someone can check the gamserverlogs server logs, validate the information and return the sets I lost in a game error


hola, ¿alguien puede ayudarme? Han pasado dos semanas desde que perdí la mayoría de mis cosas, alguien puede verificar los registros del servidor gamserverlogs, validar la información y devolver los conjuntos que perdí en un error del juego
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Default 07-12-2019, 04:11

администраторът ми отговори и ми върна легендарния комплект, който беше от значение за мен, много ви благодаря, затворете публикацията, моля
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