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Default ban ? - 19-11-2019, 16:28

hey. I wanna tell you about what happing to me.
I were with my friend chactr ( Elf Energy : "lolitush")
we were in blood castle and he's Buffed me.
I didn't knew about I cant use my elf buff in blood castle..
I don't understand what the meaning of this.
we open an energy elf for buff or for what ?

anyway I didn't knew about it and I got blocked.
Im asking for unblock me please.

have a lovely day :)

and for next time.. lets warning and then block ..
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Post 19-11-2019, 19:24

System is automated and it bans you when you enter Blood Castle/Devils Squire with Energy Elfs. No Warning necessary it is in the Rules Please Read Next Time.

20. Its forbidden to enter in Blood Castle 7 and Devil Square 6 with Energy Elf who has more than 3000 Energy! We have Auto Ban System, that will automatically ban Energy Elves for 2 days. Sometimes the system doesnt ban them automatically, so please if you see Energy Elf in Blood Castle 7 or Devil Square 6 make a ScreenShot and send it to GM/Admin and the Elf will be banned. This rule will be removed once the max reset in the server goes above 60 resets.
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