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Lightbulb Alternative of Ancient Bronze + Ancient Plate combo - 30-11-2022, 18:43

Hey, guys. For visibility, I'll write this in English. So, I've played last season a fair bit and mostly I was focused on BC7 farm with a BK. Obviously, the combo of bronze+kantata equals 35% double damage chance, 3% ignore, 100 str. Basically no other combination gives this amplifier and by this much. 35% for double damage chance just outweighs every other damage modifier. You could go for Leather+Hyon, you'll equal 100 str, 5% double damage, 15% ignore. Other combo would be Kantata+Hyon, which equals 20% double damage and 5% ignore. What I mean is, I think it's obvious that the amplifier "% to double damage" is where the real dmg is at. Last season I felt like it's totally up to chance who is gonna get the statue. Whoever's 35% rolled on first 2 hits, statue is theirs. Believe me I've tried everything else. Garuda+Hyon and a Spirit Sword -> this setup got me maybe 3 chaoses+11. Before you start to talk about stats I think the BC BK stats are pretty equal for everyone. Basically what I'm saying is, will there ever be an alternative of bronze+kantata, or are we gonna hunt bronze ancient parts @ 3k credits on the market for another year? I'd love to hear ur thoughts on this. I've tried other heroes too, DL and MG. Last season, at least to where I played MG couldn't get near the dmg of a BK, with DL I snatched a few bc's but nothing spectacular, 55k crits were the max for DL. Now, MG can use fury (death blow). Not sure if this can top up the dmg of a BK as well, from what I understand - energy gives skill % dmg on BK uncapped, it could go over 300-400%, but on MG, no matter the amount of energy you put, your skill damage % is capped @ 200%. Could this be the reason why BK is THE class for everything single damage? Thanks for coming to my TED Talk.
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