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Default Server Suggestions (Golden Invasion/BC/DS/Ancient) - 08-05-2020, 20:07

Hello! First of all, I'd like to say that Mu Battle Zone Rage is a very nice server! Thank you for the opportunity to play here!

I am new to this server but as an old-school/veteran player and an ex Mu admin/server owner, I'd like to mention that the current Golden Invasion system is just inexistent.
Golden Invasion used to be one of the main competitive environments. There is 0 fun and competitiveness in the current state of the event. The only challange is finding the golden monster before others, and that's it, they're made of paper. Even players with 1-2 resets can find and kill them before others even notice.
The second problem, is they are too few.
So I would like to make the following suggestions about the Rage Server:

1) Golden Invasion:
---a) Invasion Cooldown: ~3-5h
---b) Golden Monsters count:
----- +1 x5 Goblin
----- +2 x4 Titan
----- +3 x3 Dragon
----- +4 x2 Lizard
----- +5 x1 Tantalos
---c) Ballance their Attack and Deffence to match the actual game pace. Make +4 and +5 be a challange even for players with max resets.
---d) Increase their HP so that the fight lasts for enough time to create competitiveness between parties and guilds.

2) BC & DS:
---a) Increase exp or/and reward in BC & DS. Make them more usefull than afk'ing, so people will play more and afk less.

Next one is too late to implement, but I'd like to comment on it.
3) Ancient items:
There are two problems with ancient items on this server.
---a) They are too strong.
You didn't have to add/modify set options! Original set options are allready strong enought.
---b) There are too many ancient items on the server.
There are more ancient items than excelent items. Ancient items are stronger than excelent but they are cheaper. This ruins the economy and the progression curve.
Why should one collect an excelent set, when he can simply buy best ancient items for ~30B/30S on market?
I was allready full Gaion + Kantata after 2 days of playing.
My suggestion would be to wipe the server and make Ancient items harder to get than excelent items.
Add Heart of Love, Silver Medal, Gold Medal drop, to help players gear up before they get to excelent items, before they get to ancient sets. The progression should be like this:
Normal items +13 < Excelent items +13 < Ancient Sets +9/+13

I know lots of things changed since I last played MU Online, but I hope you will understand my point of view. Thank you for the attention!
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