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rEaDy rEaDy is offline
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Default 06-17-2013, 18:41

PA3BPAT, thx for your replies, you are one of the very few people that real have a brain and can think good.

For the rest of you, brainless people, especially admins , if you don't want competition on server no problem, I understand that we are an afraid for you because we will rock but make server BG only and voila.

We lost much time here and some SMS's and then banned for nothing ?

Btw, for that ppl that will say like : "We don't need you on server, we have 150+ ppl on don't care of 25 more" let me explain you, the online counter is SUPERESTIMATED , if you have 5 chars on your account and you are online at 1 char, it will show like 5 people online on counter ^^.

Like in this server are maximum of 80-90 real players and 25 it is a very big number ^^.

We are waiting a fast answer about this bans.

Cheers,LovePlus familly.
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ProFMU ProFMU is offline
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Default 06-17-2013, 19:15

here all addministrators sleeeppp ??? i think its a intentions for banned all loveplus !!! "ADMIN SHOW ME WHERE ITS A SPEEDHACK" !!!!!!!!!!! UNBANNED ALLL stephan !!! that its incredible ban no reason
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ProFMU ProFMU is offline
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Default 06-17-2013, 22:05

ehe guys just look the reson from Dead GM MY CONVERSATIONS WITH SKYPE WITH HIM !!!

[19:40:42] ProFMU: you are gm
[19:40:47] ProFMU: t??
[19:40:50] ProFMU: you are the owner
[20:58:53] ProFMU: shumi
[20:58:57] ProFMU: you are dead gm?
[2000] ProFMU: to mu rage
[2001] ProFMU: ?
[2056] SHUMI: yes why?
[21:00:05] ProFMU: so
[21:00:08] ProFMU: tell me the reson
[21:00:12] ProFMU: for what i have account
[21:00:14] ProFMU: blocked
[21:00:17] SHUMI: you use speed hack
[21:00:20] SHUMI: bye

thaht its your reason? tell to all people !!! now see all people because you banned my party and my guild ! i think a really reason its because i take you spots and you and your guild dont have spots but i dont know want you want but i give you 12 h for clean all ban or server down .

Last edited by ProFMU; 06-17-2013 at 22:12.
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nikstaRR nikstaRR is offline
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Thumbs up 06-17-2013, 22:47

i totally agree with you guys. the GMs are friends to the head admin (or something) so he allows them to do whatever they want. i have been a victim of them many times in the Normal server. they have normal characters and when you do something they dont like, they just ban you for no reason. this is battle zone... before there were 300+ players online, now they are less than 200.. just because of the shitty support of the server.
an admin should be a person who can speak English well but the admins have been same for years and only one of them can speak English.
once you are banned, you will not be unbanned. the only decision is to start a new character. or you can just play in another server with not such a shitty support. probably they have banned your guild because they think you are good players, or idk.. this is normally for battle zone.
have you noticed the guy who added 9 resets to himself? he hasn't got banned lol..
what i wanna say is not to waste your time playing here.
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MasterAdy MasterAdy is offline
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Default 06-17-2013, 23:48

Originally Posted by nikstaRR View Post
what i wanna say is not to waste your time playing here.
Tnx , that's what I wanted to know man .

Cya server , we are out .
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PA3BPAT PA3BPAT is offline
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Default 06-18-2013, 13:39

See you are all unbanned :) gratz. The GMs here are KIDS. I will suggest you to find you wich are their normal heroes and try not to piss them :)

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