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Default 19-05-2020, 14:20

The problem is, having defence halved, many things lose their value.

Why would I invest stats in Agility if it's better to just putt all in Vitality?
In this situation, BK has big advantage against other characters, because he gets 3 HP for each point in Vit.

Besides that, the strongest and rarest option in the game, becomes worthless. What's the point in haveing "ignore defence" when all opponents have 0 defence and max HP?
Items with ignore defence become ineffective against opponents with low def.

The best solution would be to make the game use the correct formula when attacking a player. Or just make it always use the correct formula, and edit monster damage (make it x2).

But I honestly don't know how easy it is to edit this formula in this version.

PVP out of Duel is not real PVP :(

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