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Default Duel - 19-05-2020, 12:05

Why is Duel disabled?
It's not real PVP out of Duel.
Without Duel, the game uses PVM formulas, where players defence is halved. Your opponent is considered as a monster and the following formula is being used:

PVM: [Reiceved dmg] = [opponent attack] - [player defence]/2

(with LMB hit, no skill, no imp, no wings etc)

I tested it and can confirm it.
My friend had 557-775 dmg, I had 1022 def and he deals 264 crit dmg with LMB to me. Crit damage is always your max dmg value x1.
So 775-1022/2=264, exactly what we see in game.

This means that my real defence is not 1022 but 511, and this devalues the Agility stat by a lot! It is not worth putting stats in Agility!

Please enable Duel command, so we can duel and test our characters with real stats, not PVM stats.

PVP: [Reiceved dmg] = ([opponent attack] - [player defence]) * [% skill dmg] * [increase %dmg]
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