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Default 12-02-2020, 00:56

Originally Posted by maniek1 View Post
I've started playing on this server recently and I've noticed that the game has slower FPS and kind of lags (it's almost 2x slower than usual Mu Online gameplay not as smooth).
Even when opened only on 1 account (since i'm trying to play on 2 accounts at this moment).
Also using left click to pick up items while pressing alt kind of bugs the game and freezes it ?

Anyone else have got this kind of problem / or anyone got solution for these ?
This lag issues are only when you are using 2 MU.
Also when you left click to pick up items lag appears when you have 2 MU.
If you dont want such lags, play with 1 MU.

Maybe you were still using 2 MU when you were trying, try restart PC.
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