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Default Suggestions about Web market and events - 07-27-2017, 03:31

I have two suggestions and I'll start with the most important one:

No. 1:
Introducing an item to the web market costs 1 jewel of chaos.
The problem with this approach is that it kills the server's economy.
One of the most important reasons of MU online being fun, is because the economy system and trading.
Many people don't post their items on the online web market because of the cost(1 chaos). It could either be nothing, or zen in exchange.
There is virtually no market inside the game(because not that many people are online at the same time on this server) and very little in the web market.
If the administrator decided that posting an item on the market should cost 1 chaos because of the reason that you can also exchange for credits, they could introduce the 1 chaos tax <b>If the one who posts, asks for credits</b>.
The game has very little trading activity inside. So 1 chaos tax is discouraging good trading.

No. 2
This is not an important one.
You could make blood castle and golden invasions to start separate times?

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